Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We'll always have Paris, but Brian won't

This just in: A Hollywood hanger-on landed a restraining order to keep Paris Hilton away from him.

Now there's a switch.

According to testimony in Los Angeles Superior Court, Brian Quintana, an L.A. party planner and promoter who introduced Paris to her latest boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, got threatening phone calls from the hotel heiress-turned-reality TV star because she believed he was trying to lure Niarchos back to his former flame, Mary-Kate Olsen.

Paris also allegedly shoved Quintana three times, and attempted to convince clients not to do business with him. The promoter also claims that Paris used ethnic slurs against him.

As interesting as this bit of trivia is, here's my question:

What's up with this Niarchos guy that he hooked up with both Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton? Does he have a jones for skanky anorexic chicks? Who's next on his hit parade... Lily Munster? Olive Oyl? Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove?

Memo to Brian Quintana: Dude, if the scariest thing that ever happens to you in Hollywood is getting manhandled by 97-pound Paris Hilton, consider yourself lucky.

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