Friday, January 06, 2006

Make a hawk a dove, stop a war with love

It's the first Comic Art Friday of the year, and for no particular reason, it's brought to you courtesy of the World Poker Tour. In 2006, may all your cards be live, and all your pots be monsters.

Last year, as I delved more deeply into current comics than I have in at least a decade, one of the series I most enjoyed reading was Wonder Woman. Writer Greg Rucka showed a marvelous grasp of his lead character, investing her with intelligence, dignity, and grace. Rucka's artistic collaborator for most of 2005 was penciler Rags Morales, whose dynamic and detailed stylings gave great power to the book, before he moved on to the pages of JSA. The incomparable J.G. Jones added consistently splendid cover paintings.

So of course, because I dug Wonder Woman so much, DC decided to cancel it.

To be fair, mighty Diana isn't going away entirely. Her monthly title is being rebooted as All-Star Wonder Woman, which when it debuts later this year will feature the work of superstar artist Adam Hughes. ASWW will present the first sequential artwork by Hughes in quite some time — Adam has specialized in covers in recent years, for such series as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Catwoman, and of course, Wonder Woman.

Is there any better way to open a fresh year of Comic Art Friday than with a trio of dazzling images of everyone's favorite Amazon? I asked myself this question, and the answer came back a resounding "Of course not — what are you, insane?" And then I asked, wouldn't it be awesome if we had a little foretaste of Adam Hughes Wonder Woman goodness to kick off the set?

Just say AH!

Aww, that was too easy. Adam Hughes has drawn so many images of our Diana that you can find one almost anywhere. Suppose we wanted something a little more unique — perhaps by a prodigiously talented, but less heralded, artist? Could we deliver?

James E. "Doodle" Lyle, I believe that's your cue.

Now, that was tasty. But is it yet enough Wonder Woman? I think not.

Given that 2006 here in the Bay Area began with a deluge, how about another image of Diana, this time nearly hip-deep in water, as we were here on New Year's Eve?

Howard Porter, will you do the honors, please?

If only we really could stop a war with love. That would be even sweeter than an all-Wonder Woman Comic Art Friday.

I can even think of a war we could start with.

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