Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old man, look at my life

I am now officially middle-aged.

Yesterday my general practitioner prescribed a new medication for my blood pressure. Before just a couple of months ago, I had lived for nearly 44 years on this planet without the need for chronic medication of any kind. Now, I'm a pill-popping fiend.

Then today, my optometrist told me that I need reading glasses — an eventuality I already suspected, as evidenced by the magnifying glass on my workstation next to my monitor.

Drugged up and blind. Getting old sucks. Another six years, and AARP, here I come.

If this keeps up, SSTOL regular Joel will have me behind the wheel of a Honda Civic.

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Anonymous Donna offered these pearls of wisdom...

At least you don't have ankle biters who call you Grandpa! My best friend's a mere two months and 10 days older than you, and her fourth grandchild was just born on 1/4/06! Her oldest grandchild will be five next month. I'm hoping to keep "Grandma" off my resume for at least another 10 years (eldest child is 12); or until the youngest (who's two) turns 20.

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