Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good things come to those who wait... forever

After years of pursuit, the San Francisco Giants finally landed star outfielder Steve Finley.

The G-Men have been chasing Finley for almost as long as I can remember. Well, not that long, really, but certainly for the past several seasons. They worked hard to sign him before the 2003 and 2005 campaigns, and have attempted to wangle a trade for him on more than one occasion the past three years. Yesterday, they acquired him from the Los Angeles (Don't Call Us Anaheim, Even Though That's Where We Play) Angels, in exchange for underperforming third baseman Edgardo "The Fonz" Alfonzo.

Of course, Finley's now over 40 — he'll turn 41 during spring training — so the acquisition may have come too late. Sort of like a little kid mowing lawns to save up for a tricycle, only to have outgrown the trike by the time there's enough money in the piggy bank to buy one. Finley struggled with a shoulder injury all last year that severely affected both his playing time and the results thereof.

Finley joins the established members of the Giants' AARP outfield, Barry Bonds (41) and Moises Alou (39). At least Randy Winn, SF's best player at the end of last season, is only 31.

Heck, I just turned 44 this week. Maybe I could still play for the Giants.

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Hey- I have been a fan of the "Geriatric Giants" my whole life and I have at MANY times pondered my life as an OLD GIANT! The problem is that I am only 40 and have not had my knees or hips replaced I'm sure they would have no interest in me yet! Maybe I can try out for BATGIRL in 20 years!

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