Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jack's back...and Chloe, too

No surprise here, 24 fans: Kiefer Sutherland returns as our favorite ends-justify-the-means antiterrorist agent, Jack Bauer, in next season's skein of episodes, which begin airing in January.

A few of the other confirmed returning cast members are a little surprising, though. Carlos Bernard is back as Jack's right-hand man, Tony Almeida, even those Tony and his wife Michelle Dessler (played by the swoon-inducing Reiko Aylesworth) appeared to ride off into the sunset at the end of last season. Also back are Gregory Itzen as wishy-washy President Logan, and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Jack's dweeby tech geek, Chloe O'Brian.

I'm glad to see that last-mentioned cast update. Playing one of the goofiest, most off-putting characters on television, Rajskub has carved her own little niche in 24 that no other actor could appropriately fill. She's one of those rare actresses — Kathleen Wilhoite is another — who makes dorky seem almost cute. Almost.

Besides, I keep waiting for the season when Chloe and Jack hook up.

No, really.

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