Thursday, July 28, 2005

Redefining the phrase "expert legal counsel"

This just in from Pocatello, Idaho, the fun capital of the Rocky Mountain states:

A mistrial had to be declared in a case before Idaho's Sixth District Court when the judge discovered that the defense attorney's license to practice law had been suspended by the Idaho State Bar.

The offense: The attorney — one Curtis Holmes, Esquire — coerced a female client, whose divorce he was handling, into posing for nude photos in lieu of his fee. Nude photos taken, mind you, while the woman's two small children waited in the adjoining room.

To compound the irony, in the trial at hand, Holmes was defending a man charged with lewd conduct.

I can just imagine the initial conference: "Why, yes, I can take your lewd conduct case to trial. I know that particular field inside and out."

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