Friday, July 15, 2005

YMCA: Yesteryear's Musicians' Crack Association

Former Village People frontman Victor Willis, who co-wrote the group's hit "YMCA," is discovering a place where you can get yourself clean, and you can have a good meal, but you can't exactly do whatever you feel: San Mateo County Jail.

Willis, the original "police officer" in the flamboyant, gay-themed disco act, was busted earlier this week with a loaded firearm and some crack cocaine, after being pulled over on an outstanding warrant for narcotics possession. He was arraigned on suspicion of six felony counts.

According to an interview he gave to the San Francisco Chronicle some years ago, Willis — married at the time — got thrown overboard by his "In the Navy" compadres in 1980, when other members of the group decided to come out about their sexual orientation. Ray Simpson, brother of Valerie Simpson of the R&B duo Ashford and Simpson, donned the cop's uniform and remains the lead vocalist of the Village People to this day. (For what it's worth, Ray Simpson isn't gay either, so there's some question as to how much water Willis's account holds.)

This tsunami of nostalgia almost makes me want to go watch the Village People's camp classic film, Can't Stop the Music, costarring Steve Guttenberg and a pre-plastic surgery Bruce Jenner.


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