Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jesus is my co-pilot, but he can't drive in West Virginia

A man who calls himself Jesus Christ can't get a driver's license in West Virginia, apparently because he can't prove to the state's satisfaction that Jesus Christ is really his name.

What's peculiar is that Peter Robert Phillips, Jr. has already convinced the U.S. State Department, the Social Security Administration, and the State of Washington that he's Jesus Christ, because he already has been granted a passport, a Social Security card, and a Washington driver's license under that name. Authorities in West Virginia, however, say that until Phillips's birth certificate says his name is Jesus Christ, he's still Peter Robert Phillips, Jr. And that's the only name under which the state will issue Phillips a driver's license.

Seems to me this should be a pretty simple matter to resolve. Bring Mr. Phillips six stone pots of twenty to thirty gallons capacity, fill them to the brim with water, and see what happens.

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