Thursday, May 05, 2005

Starting his own little dynasty

Prince Albert has been the ruler of Monaco for all of — what, a month? — and already he's getting hit with paternity suits.

Heck, it took Bill Clinton the better part of a four-year term before he started swapping Cohibas with the interns.

Albert's accuser, a 33-year-old flight attendant from Togo, claims that a DNA test has proven the newly crowned monarch of Monaco to be the father of her 21-month-old son Alexandre. Says the article published in the London Times, Albert and Nicole hooked up in December 2002 "and ended up in bed. Mme. Coste, who already had two children, fell pregnant." Maybe if she hadn't fallen, they wouldn't be in this fix.

(Personally, I'm impressed that Albert could actually locate Togo. I had to refer to an atlas myself.)

This is not, in case you were curious, Big Bert's first brush with illegitimate fatherhood. A waitress from California named Tamara Rotolo says the prince sired her daughter during a two-week fling in Monte Carlo in 1991.

Which begs two questions: You're the crown prince of an ancient European royal line and heir to a $1.5 billion fortune, and the best you can do for lovers is flight attendants and waitresses? And you can't afford a box of condoms once every decade?

Doesn't say much for Albert's managerial acumen. Or for the future of the House of Grimaldi.

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