Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Diva Report

Keeping up with the latest 411 on those lovely ladies of song:
  • To quote from Paula Abdul's '80s smash hit: "Straight up, now tell me, do you really wanna love me forever, or am I caught in a hit and run?"
    Now we know, Paula: It's Option #2.

  • Whitney Houston's back in drug rehab. More and more, it's starting to appear that when Whitney sang "I Will Always Love You," she was singing to her narcotics connection.

  • Even though she's facing three to seven years in the slammer for perjury and conspiracy, the apostrophically challenged rapper Lil' Kim is hard at work on her next album. Among the working titles for the upcoming CD are Funky in the Exercise Yard, Get My Lawyer on the Phone, and Hey, That's My Soap!

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