Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Super girls

These two nifty (does anyone except me still say "nifty"?) drawings arrived earlier this week. Both are the work of the talented Robb Phipps, who's known in the industry for his depictions of attractive superwomen. His portraits of Batgirl and Power Girl, seen below, do absolutely nothing to counteract Mr. Phipps's reputation in this regard.

Robb modeled his Power Girl on the style of another noted "good girl" artist and fan favorite, Adam Hughes, who signs his work "AH!" (For those of you scratching your heads, Power Girl was the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, before DC Comics destroyed both Supergirl and Earth-2 during the legendary Crisis on Infinite Earths. Since then, they've decided that Power Girl really isn't an alternate Supergirl, but rather a survivor of Atlantis or some such nonsense. Leave continuity alone — that's what I always say. Otherwise, you'll do stupid things like try to explain Spider-Man as a clone.)

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