Friday, November 19, 2004

I feel an episode of CSI coming on

Did you hear the one about the Massachusetts woman who made a startling deathbed confession? Before succumbing to cancer earlier this week, Geraldine DiMarzio Kelley admitted to her daughter that she had killed her husband 14 years ago and kept his body in a freezer locked away in a self-storage facility.

"She told me he took off in the car and last she heard he had an accident, that he was hit by a truck or something. It was in Nevada," Kelley's daughter, Tami DiMarzio, told a Boston television statement.

As Mac Davis said in North Dallas Forty, "Here's the weird part." The murder apparently occurred in Ventura, in southern California. When Kelley moved back to Massachusetts six years ago, she had the freezer shipped cross-country, with her former spouse sealed inside with duct tape, before locating appliance and decedent at the storage unit.

Whatever the reasons Kelley killed the old boy, you just have to wonder what on earth she was thinking, keeping his carcass around all these years. Why not bury him, or dump him in the nearby Pacific?

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