Saturday, September 18, 2004

You'll find it on eBay

As part of my ongoing effort to force my habit-shackled middle-aged self to sample new and exciting things (hey, I already started a weblog and bought a wireless phone already this summer; what more could I ask of me?), I'm currently involved in a bidding war on eBay.

I've always said I'd never buy anything on eBay. The idea of sending money blind to someone I don't know gives me the willies. And, as any salesperson who's ever attempted to sell me a new automobile can attest, haggling makes me cranky. (My picture appears in the Universal Car Sales Manual with the caption, "If you ever get this guy as your up, it's time for a break. The commission isn't worth the hunks of flesh he's going to rip out of your butt. Let the snot-nosed rookie deal with him.") Just tell me what you want for the darned thing, and I'll tell you whether I'm amenable to paying that.

But in an idle moment this afternoon, I was leafing through eBay's listings of original comic art for sale, and I discovered a couple of pieces that intrigued me (and would look wicked cool on my office wall) at opening bids that seemed reasonable. So, as someone said to me just the other day, "Never say never." (No, it wasn't Sean Connery.)

If I win the auction, I'll tell you what I bought.

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Blogger Joel offered these pearls of wisdom...

Here's hoping you win in anticipation to know what you had bidded for ;-)

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