Friday, September 03, 2004

Blogs for Bush: America yawns

Frank Barnako at CBS MarketWatch reports in his Internet Daily newsletter today that practically no one read the 16 blogs that were accredited to cover the GOP convention.

What a shock.

Barnako also notes that according to Hitwise, a company that measures online traffic, receives nine times more visits than

Again, what a shock.

Proof once again that (a) Republicans just aren't very interesting, and (b) most people who vote Republican don't read.

Speaking of CBS MarketWatch (a terrific source, incidentally, for a plethora of informative e-newsletters and bulletins to which you can subscribe, free of charge), take a moment to read financial guru Marshall Loeb's column reviewing the President's empty, feel-good convention speech last night. The title, "Missed Opportunity at the Garden," pretty well sums it up.

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RE: and (b) most people who vote Republican don't read.


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