Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What's Up With That? #4: Esther Williams has risen from the grave

Three questions about synchronized swimming:

1. Why don't they call it "Swimnastics"? Shorter, punchier, more marketable. "Synchronized swimming" sounds like something that might be performed by watchmakers or accountants.

2. What's with all the face paint and sequins? If you want to attract an audience for this insanity, dress the performers in those two-piece sports bra-and-thong outfits the women's beach volleyball teams are sporting. (You don't really suppose those mammoth ratings are the result of America's insatiable hunger for the raw skill and athleticism of beach volleyball, do you?) And the nose plugs have got to go. Drown if you must, but look good doing it.

3. Why is this in the Olympics? It looks like a bad idea left over from the Splash production show in Las Vegas, back in the days when Splash actually involved water instead of ice skating and motorcycles.


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RE: #3.
I've wondered the same thing. Did someone sleep with someone?

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