Monday, August 23, 2004

GOP: They don't need no stinkin' overtime

It's been quite some time since I qualified for overtime pay — I've been self-employed for two years, and was an exempt employee for the last few years with my previous company — but I'd be concerned about the new overtime rules were I still punching a clock. CBS MarketWatch published in-depth stories on the new law here and here.

From what I gather, it looks as though supervisors, programmers, and teachers (and I know folks in all of those categories) are among the folks who will suffer the most from this. The facet that would trouble me most is the provision regarding so-called "executive personnel," which basically appears to be anyone with the authority to tell someone else what to do. If you're a manager at Radio Shack — as I was once, in a previous lifetime — making under $30 grand a year, and can't collect overtime, you're shafted.

Of course, the Bush administration will be quick to point out that anyone making over $100,000 now doesn't have to be paid overtime. Thanks for the tip, George, but those aren't the people I'm thinking about. At a hundred large, you shouldn't be worried about where your next rent payment or grocery bill is coming from, unless you're blowing your cash on drugs, booze, and hookers.

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Re: $100,000.
Isn't that the group that seemed to have gotten the most tax breaks?

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