Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2001: A Death Odyssey

The U.S. armed forces have now lost 2001 American men and women since the Iraq conflict began.

I'm thinking "Mission Accomplished" really didn't mean what people at the White House and in the Pentagon thought it meant back on May 1, 2003.

Another thing that puzzles me: The proliferation of yellow ribbon-shaped "Support the Troops" bumper magnets on automobiles. Isn't that rather a pointless message? Does anyone not support the troops? Are there really people out there in the heartland of America saying, "Curse you, you stupid troops! Curse you and your kind!"? Not that I've heard.

I have yet to encounter a single soul who doesn't desire that all of our deployed servicemen and servicewomen return home safely — which is, it seems to me, the essence of supporting the troops. So for whom is the "Support the Troops" message intended?

Now, if what you really mean is, "Support the Bush Administration," why not get a bumper magnet that says what you mean?

You wouldn't even need to change the color.

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Funny that you should mention people against the troops and the midwest in the same post. As a matter of fact there is a small group of people in the Westboro Baptist Church (I use the word loosely as it's more of a cult) who don't support the troops and who have been waging a very public and dishonorable war of their own against the fallen military personnel of this country. Guess where they are from...Topeka Kansas. Yep that's right...right in the heartland of America. See it seems that Fred Phelps their cult leader...I mean church leader feels that American soldier deaths are due to the countries tolerance of the gay and lesbian population in America and they are very vocal as well as hateful people it seems. I still haven't figured out what planet they think they are on but...there it is someone in America who doesn't believe in supporting the troops. On a side note I think it's funny that most of America hasn't realized that they are only supporting big business and a China magnet manufacturer...not the troops...but then again it's the thought that counts right...or at least that's what they say. Now that's my two cents and then some.

Here's a group that's combating Fred Phelps's hatred and really is supporting the troops

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