Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Process that indictment without DeLay

Here at SSTOL, though we enjoy poking well-intentioned fun at the famous and infamous, we try not to make it a regular practice to rejoice at the misfortunes of others.

We are, however, willing to make an exception of Congressman Tom DeLay.

When I first hung out my freelance shingle three years ago, I received literally dozens of phone calls from dupes in Tom DeLay's office wanting to honor me with some bogus award as a leading example of American small business. At the time I was receiving these calls, I had yet to land a paying client. My entire business consisted of a Web site and a telephone number.

All this folderol amounted to a transparent ploy on the part of DeLay — who, as a Congressman from Texas, doesn't even represent me as a northern Californian — to coopt small businesses into becoming campaign contributors. No doubt, all those long-distance phone calls from Texas to me were paid for by the tax monies of the hard-working citizens in DeLay's Congressional district, who deserve more from their Representative than having him waste his staff's time hustling favors from out-of-state small-timers who aren't even members of his party.

In the words of the Mighty Thor, Congressman, I say thee nay.

Tom DeLay is a self-righteous, self-serving fraud who has been misusing his position as House Majority Leader for his own nefarious purposes for far too long. I don't wish ill on anyone, but as a justice-loving American, I hope DeLay goes down, and goes down hard.

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