Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Diddy expect us to take this seriously?

Rapper/clothing manufacturer/entertainment mogul/king of all media P. Diddy is changing his stage name yet again. Henceforth, the erstwhile Mr. P. would like to be known simply as Diddy. According to the newly christened Diddy, "The P was getting between me and my fans."

Yeah, I hate when that happens.

Let's see now...

So far in his meteoric career, the man born Sean John Combs has been variously known as:
  • Sean Combs
  • Sean "Puffy" Combs
  • Sean John
  • Puff Daddy
  • Puff
  • P. Diddy
  • Diddy
Just for the record, D, it's probably not a good idea to give oneself a single name that sounds like a question. You may not like some of the answers.

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