Saturday, January 29, 2005

Let Wayne Entertain you

I know you thought your Uncle Swan would be the last person on God's green earth to suggest that you watch a cheesy reality show, but I'm full of surprises.

Give a peek at The Entertainer, the second episode of which debuts on E! Sunday at 10 p.m. It's sort of like American Idol with Wayne Newton substituting for Simon Cowell. Or Last Comic Standing with Wayne Newton instead of Jay Mohr. Or, if you prefer, The Apprentice with Mr. Danke Schoen stepping into the big-hair role of The Donald.

The show's pretty much what you would expect: ten young performers — six singers, three comedians, and an illusionist — vie each week to advance through a process of elimination to emerge as America's next great entertainer. Which, in the context of this program, means a year-long performing gig at the Las Vegas Hilton.

But the show itself is not the reason you should watch.

One of the ten Wayniac hopefuls is a young man named Paul Sperrazza, who performs with the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes National A Cappella Champions, Toxic Audio. The Toxins, as the group members call themselves, are no strangers to this sort of gig — a couple of years ago, the quintet performed (and won) on Ed McMahon's Next Big Star. Toxic Audio only recently wrapped a stint off-Broadway in their own music and comedy show, for which they won the coveted (at least, I presume someone else wanted to win it) Drama Desk Award for 2004.

Toxin Paul is a hyperactive ball of energy who sings, dances, beatboxes, and does backflips that make Ozzie Smith bow in homage. He's easily the most talented contestant on The Entertainer — which, as these things usually go, probably means he'll get knocked out in the early rounds. But while you can, do yourself a favor and check him out.

Besides, doesn't it make you feel good just knowing that Wayne Newton is still upright and breathing?

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