Monday, October 04, 2004

Art day in absentia

I had an art day on Saturday while I was gone, and it was an excellent one: three original pencil sketches by writer-artist Dan Jurgens, known forever as the man who drew the much-hyped Death of Superman cycle of stories for the Distinguished Competition. Dan's also the guy who created Booster Gold, DC's first significant post-Crisis on Infinite Earths character.


These scans lack definition (the art was scanned while framed), but until I can get new scans made (the pieces are too large for my scanner), these will have to do. The Hulk vs. Thor picture (Dan recently completed a lengthy run as writer on the Thor book) is absolutely stunning up close — I may think about commissioning someone to ink this one for me. The Lara Croft, Tomb Raider pinup is magnificent too, and it should be; Dan was the writer (not the artist, though; those chores went to Andy Park and Jonathan Sibal) on that Top Cow title. Spider-Man can you not love anything with Spidey on it?

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