Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Actually, those have always been on the menu in Vegas...

The well-known Hooters chain of restaurants today signed a deal to manage the Hotel San Remo in Las Vegas. (The San Remo is the smaller hotel behind the Tropicana, across Tropicana Boulevard from the MGM Grand.)

Insert your own punch line here.

I suppose that after the Hooters folks bought their own airline (you think I'm kidding, don't you?), their own Vegas casino was inevitable. I've never eaten at Hooters (will you relax?), but they do seem everywhere these days (oh, stop that -- you're being childish now). The last time I went to San Diego with KJ, we stayed at the Radisson in Mission Valley, which is directly across the freeway from the local Hooters outlet.

A couple of years ago, when I went to Nashville, the first sight that greeted me as I exited the jetway into the terminal at the Nashville airport was a Brobdingnagian poster advertising the three local branches of Hooters. The same poster appeared in three different locations at the Nashville Convention Center. Which surprised me, really -- I'd always envisioned Nashville as a rather conservative place, not the sort of city where one would expect to find three Hooters restaurants. Especially not advertised so prominently in areas where visitors would happen by.

From a marketing standpoint, you'd have to figure this will make a big difference for the San Remo, which has long been overshadowed by the mammoth hotels surrounding it -- in addition to the Trop and the MGM, the San Remo is just a stone's throw from Excalibur, Luxor, and New York New York. It will also no doubt make excellent cannon fodder for the comics playing the Comedy Stop at the Trop next door.

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