Wednesday, July 28, 2004

What's Up With That? #2: Unclear on the natural concept

This morning I passed a Jack in the Box restaurant with a poster in its front window announcing the arrival of "bigger, thicker, natural cut fries."

"Bigger," I understand. "Thicker," no problem. But what in the name of Mr. Potato Head are "natural cut" fries?

The last time I checked with Messrs. Merriam and Webster (ironically, just about 30 seconds ago), the word "natural" as applied to food meant, "growing without human care; not cultivated; existing in or produced by nature; not artificial." Has Jack in the Box discovered a potato that exists in nature already cut into fries? A potato that grows in long, thin strips, ready-made for the deep fat fryer? What else could "natural cut" possibly mean?

Someone alert the media — this may be the greatest find in modern botanical history. And to think it was made by a man wearing a big plastic clown on his head.


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